I think that the purpose of our education is to inspire people’s understanding and wisdom. In this process, our knowledge is expanded gradually. While at the university, we have a specialized area of expertise. But the limited knowledge in this field does not fully serve the future goals of life. In my opinion, another important goal of university education is to cultivate a sound civic personality. This is especially important in the humanities and social sciences. When we students complain that some knowledge does not directly increases our professional competitiveness, we should understand that we also need to understand the world from different perspectives.

As a college instructor, I think that the most important goal is to teach students to understand the world. The importance of critical thinking cannot easily be exaggerated. Critical thinking requires our understanding of our predecessors’ thoughts, based on which we can advance our knowledge. But before that, we should not only grasp the conclusions generated by previous works, but also understand the process through which they were produced. Only after we have mastered these processes can we understand their way of thinking.


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